Edward Stott

Edward Stott, one of Carel Weight’s favourite painters, as noted here, is currently the Artist of the Month on the Royal Academy website.

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2 thoughts on “Edward Stott

  1. Anonymous says:

    Carel Weight owned some 15 works by Edward Stott ARA NEAC 1859 – 1918, there was one oil painting and then 14 drawings in various media, mainly chalk, pastel or charcoal.
    Of these pieces – he left the oil – “After Work” to the Royal Academy with 7 drawings; 3 drawings to Tullie House Museum – the City of Carlisle; and the reside of 4 drawings I received from Carel Weight’s Estate.

    Maurice Sheppard

  2. favelaboy says:

    Thank you for the rich information on your blog. It is very inspiring and good to know someone out there see what huge talent Carel Weight was, and the unmesearable dimension of his art legacy. I am great admirer of Carel Weight – and I have the books you suggested and been researching about him, got some BBC written archives. I really think he is one of the greatest British painters of all times, and his work will one day be recognised immensely. Please get in touch – rick.nunes@hotmail.com
    It would be great if the Royal Academy would do a restrospective of his work some point soon.. maybe in 2018!

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